The ever-increasing pace of life and technological development drew several hundred people to Monmouth University in West Long Branch for TEDx- Navesink, where 22 speakers addressed the influence of “Accelerators.”

The theme describes issues and topics that affect society more than people typically realize, according to Donna Steinhorn, an event organizer.

“Accelerators are either those people or those ideas that are happening faster and will impact us faster than we believe,” Steinhorn said at the third annual TEDx- Navesink conference on April 11.

“Acceleration can have a positive effect, or it can be something negative.”

Steinhorn mentioned futurist David Houle, who said “all of the acceleration that’s happened in the last 50 years is going to triple — or even quadruple — in the next 10 to 15 years.”

“Things are just speeding up so much … so acceleration seemed a really natural topic,” she said.

Speakers took the stage in four roughly hourlong sessions — entitled “Heal,” “Invent,” “Prosper” and “Reframe” — that addressed accelerators such as climate change or the discovery of a previously unidentified subatomic particle.

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