2017 IDENTITY Line-up

Act 1  Know Thyself  –  Co-hosted by Carl Perino at 9:00am sharp

Brian Smiga  –  Founder’s Welcome

Baba Brinkman  –  How Did You Get into That?

Jean Malpas  –  The Gift of Gender Authenticity

John Dias & Teal Wicks  –  The Ballad of Little Jo

Patty Azzarello  – Reclaiming Humanity at Work

Rick Peterson  –  Mistaken Identity

Avery Rose Puryear  –  Inhaling Can Go Wrong

Christine Zilinski  –  Hair I Am

John Sitilides  –  American Identity on the Global Stage

Act 2  Collective ID –  Co-hosted by Baba Brinkman at 10:30am

Justin Kamine  –  Food Waste: Society’s Greatest Opportunity

David Orban  –  Parallel Lives

Jess Fong  –  Where Do We Fit?

Ken Womack  –  Remaking Identity

Alexandra Lewis  –  Peace, Love and Equality

Mariah Fenton Gladis  –  Arrive Already Loved

Marilyn Schlossbach  –  Invitation to lunch

Act 3  Mind Over Body  –  Co-hosted by Baba Brinkman at 1:30pm sharp

Gary Mottola –  Welcome to Act 2

Kory Stamper  –  You Speak You

John Werner  –  Augmented Reality

Jasmin Singer  –  Compassion Unlocks Identity

Heather Berlin  –  Who Is Your Brain?

Mileece l’Anson  –  Awe Connects Us to Our Core

Joe Primo  –  Grief is Good

Act 4  BrandNew J – Co-hosted by Kerri Martin at 3:30pm sharp

Carl Perino  –  Children Are Not Standardized

Jim McGreevey  –  From Society’s Prison to Soulful Freedom

Jenan Matari  –  Embracing Your Identities

Roy LaManna  –  C-students Make Great Entrepreneurs

Rob Van Varick  – Aging, Identity and Design

Eric Burdge  –  Blood, Sweat and Sawdust

Robin Hanson  –  The Elephant in the Brain

Sean O’Sullivan  –  Innovation at Scale

Brian Smiga  –  Closing remarks @ about 5:15pm