Why Join?

TEDxAsburyPark is a community of speakers with exciting and important insights to share, sponsors who generously provide vital support in various ways, and dedicated volunteers, who create and execute this event. If you are interested in joining our team, you can become involved in many ways:

  • ATTEND our full-day, immersive conference to join the conversation.
  • RECOMMEND someone who you believe has great ideas to speak at our event.
  • JOIN our volunteer team if you have the time and drive to help create our vision.
  • SPONSOR content, campaigns, speakers, advertising, etc in any way you can.

Become an Intern

Want to gain some great experience?  TEDxAsburyPark has internships available for social media, blog posts, public relations, and marketing.

Become a Partner

At TEDxAsburyPark, we view our sponsors as partners who are joining us on a journey. This is a project that we’re investing in together. As a sponsor, you’ll receive recognition for your support in print, online, and at the TEDx event.

Become a Volunteer

Our team consists of remarkable volunteers from our local community. If you think you could add value as a either a core volunteer or part of the supporting team, apply here.

Become a Speaker

Our sponsors are partners investing in bringing the community together. Sponsors receive recognition in print, online, and at the TEDx event.