Benjamin Heckendorn

Benjamin Heckendorn


"Solving the World’s Problems One Maker at a Time"

The Internet and proliferation of technology today has made the world the Maker’s marketplace. Even the most niche ideas – like single-handed video game controllers – are sought out by individuals with a unique need for them. Today’s Makers are uniquely positioned to solve problems bigger than themselves. In this talk, Ben will explore how makers can take creative risks, pose out-of-the-box ideas and tackle pressing issues that corporations and large entities simply cannot, and how – when that happens – the global community at large benefits.


A self-taught hacker, modder and maker Benjamin Heckendorn – better known as Ben Heck – is host of element14’s The Ben Heck Show, a weekly web series in which Ben tackles fun and interesting projects from 3D printing and gaming to drones and robots. Among Ben’s more popular innovations are a single-handed PS4 and Xbox controller, a single-handed guitar, original Apple-1 replica, handheld Raspberry Pi console, flying quadcopter/drone and wearable turn signals for bikers.

Heck, a Graphic Design graduate, got his start creating custom single-handed gaming controllers for veterans with disabilities. Since then, he’s skyrocketed to Internet fame and become synonymous with the phrase “innovation” among the Maker Movement. With more than 32 million YouTube views and fans spanning the globe, Ben is a proponent of computer science education, the DIY movement and equipping his viewers with the tools and knowledge to overcome any obstacle – design-related or otherwise.



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