Dr. Lora Aroyo & Dr. Chris Welty

Dr. Lora Aroyo & Dr. Chris Welty

“To be AND not to be: quantum intelligence?”

Lora Aroyo and Chris Welty propose a radical new approach to modeling human behavior for the next generation of PDAs: Use quantum
math instead of probability theory.  It makes sense.

“We knew the experience would be rewarding as it forced us to craft our message in the most concise and direct way possible, but without the help of our TedX Navesink liasons, it wouldn’t have been possible. I doubt anyone who saw the talk got as much out of it as we did. Thanks to Erika, mk, Gail, Jennifer, Brian, and all the rest.”

Dr. Chris Welty is a senior research scientist at Google. He is also the endowed professor of cognitive computing at VU University in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Dr. Welty has been a leading researcher in machine intelligence for over 25 years. He is one of the founders of the semantic web movement, and more recently of cognitive computing. Chris was part of the leadership team for IBM Watson’s Jeopardy! Challenge.








Dr. Lora M. Aroyo is the Chief Technology Officer at Tagasauris, Inc. in New York, where she makes media content more accessible and discoverable using crowdsourcing. She is also an associate professor of Computer Science at VU University in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where she heads the Web & Media group. Dr. Aroyo is an internationally known expert in multimedia interaction. Lora led the European NoTube project, developing new “second screen” applications for discovering and sharing TV experiences online within one’s social circles.