Suzanne Tick

Suzanne Tick


"Weaving trash into treasture"

Transformation has been a big theme in my life…dualities unfold in my understanding of what broken/disharmony and humor looks like thru the creation of my woven art pieces.

Three major woven art projects allowed me to delve more clearly onto the path to love and forgiveness. Gratitude in understanding.. the differences of strength and weakness. Transforming my life thru found treasures.


Suzanne Tick is the founder of Suzanne Tick Inc., specializing in materials brand strategy, product design and direction for commercial interiors. Tick is currently Partnering with Tarkett on Brand Strategy, Creative Director for Teknion Textiles and Design Consultant for Tandus Centiva, Suzanne has maintained a distinguished career as a textile designer and studio Principal in New York City.
From early years, Tick spent summers in her fathers scrap metal recycling plant weighing and sorting metals, finding possibilities in the cast-offs of rural life.

At the University of Iowa Tick began as a printmaker etching fabrics into copper. She left as a weaver combining materials both hard and soft.

Tick’s life and work have always been a narration of balance. Her struggles with fear and safety and love and forgiveness, have led her to create works that are both delicate and strong. “Weaving holds everything together, materials and life, successes and failures”.

The balance in each of Tick’s weavings is an exploration of the technical and the organic. Industrial materials are juxtaposed against found materials. The quality of each piece is magnified by either the accumulation of material or the sparseness of material.

Tick holds a BFA from the University of Iowa and an AAS from the Fashion Institute of Technology.



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