Augie Carton

Augie Carton

“Beer is Cuisine”

Are you a foodie? Do you like to challenge your palate with tastes from around the world (or neighborhood)? Do you have a favorite wine for different meals? How about beer?

In this talk craft brewer Augie Carton makes the case that beer is cuisine as well, and takes you through his beer-making process with a language everyone can understand.

This talk will make you want to dip your toes in the craft beer pool right, whether you’re a foodie, have a nose or palate for fine alcoholic beverages, or just take flavor at all seriously.

About Mr. Carton:
pic_for_tedWhile navigating my way from telephone sales at Victoria’s Secret Catalogue, through being an Assistant Director in film production, to fixed income brokering I was never far from flavor. Whether opening oysters at a beach shack before I could legally work, or taking a year off to work in a restaurant with an exciting new all Italian wine list, career choices have always been made to afford me the time to play taste or the means to experience others’ games. The latest stop in this process has been opening Carton Brewing with my partners and creating a place where we can play our flavor games with our community.