Cindy Zipf

Cindy Zipf is Executive Director of Clean Ocean Action, a successful coalition builder, forming the Mid-Atlantic region’s largest, most effective voice for the ocean and leader in forming national coalitions with groups throughout the country. She is a proven campaigner to protect the ocean as evidenced by the precedent setting closure of eight major ocean dumpsites in the mid-Atlantic. Cindy led efforts that resulted in the passage of important landmark federal and state legislation, including the end of the nation’s ocean incineration and dumping industries, and successful campaign to designate the nation’s first Ocean Remediation Site. She is a pioneer in ocean pollution research initiatives, such as dredge material dumping alternatives, wastewater discharge, offshore energy facilities, and non-point source pollution/


Talk: “Our wild and industry-free ocean”

Cindy addresses the economic impact of a Clean Ocean Zone on New Jersey and New York.