Dr. Donald Sebastian

Dr. Donald Sebastian is the Sr. Vice President for Research & Development at New Jersey Institute of Technology. He is responsible for the academic research enterprise, developing partnerships with industry and managing governmental affairs, intellectual property development, business incubation, commercialization, extension centers and contract projects across the technology spectrum. He serves on the board of a number of non-profits including the Kessler Foundation, R&D Council of NJ, SMART States, NJ Manufacturing Extension Program and the Polymer Processing Institute. He was inducted in the New Jersey High-Tech Hall of Fame in 2006.

Talk: “Innovation clusters and how to build them on the shore”

In this talk he speaks on the topic of cluster based economic development, with focus on Monmouth-area concepts in the Post-BRAC (Base Realignment and Closure Program) Era. He will discuss models regional technology clustering with an historical perspective on the roots of the NJ Economy in the 20th Century. This will serve as a foundation to explore options for the Monmouth area and consider new roles and responsibilities for the public and private sector in growing the region.