Elizabeth Urbanski

Talk: “Self-Image: Caves to Selfies”

The fascinating and sometimes puzzling phenomenon of instant self portraits snapped on cell phones and publicly posted is without precedent. In my exploration of Selfies I will examine these self edited pictures through an art historian’s lens and attempt to categorize and analyze as well as understand them in relationship to works significant to Western art history.


About Elizabeth:


Photo (c) John M. Craig

Elizabeth A. Urbanski is an art historian and fine art consultant who advises on the formation and maintenance of modern and contemporary art collections for Fortune 500 corporations, retail spaces, the hospitality industry, private clients, private foundations and large scale public architectural projects in the New York Metropolitan Area.  Elizabeth has over 20 years of experience working in the contemporary New York art market and keeps abreast of developments in the field by attending galleries, auctions, art fairs and museums. Elizabeth is a part time adjunct in the Brookdale Community College Art Department as well as an avid observer of contemporary visual culture.