Harrison Owen

Talk: “Dancing with Shiva (or Sandy, or Katrina)”

An exploration of the idea that all systems are inherently self organizing, and that maybe we’re working too hard. How can we use moments of chaos to increase our own creativity and productivity?

About Harrison: 

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 8.58.16 PMHarrison Owen is an author, consultant and photographer, who has worked on virtually every continent with organizations ranging from small villages to large corporations and NGOs. His major concern has been to assist organizations as they negotiate a transforming world. In some cases his role has been little more than holding the hands of the anxious. In other situations his function was more overt, assisting organizations in the some times painful process of self-understanding and renewal. In all situations the organizational mythology and culture was the focal point, and the power of self-organization the ultimate driver.