Kat Lazo

Talk: “Feminism isn’t dead, it’s gone viral!”

If you think feminism is dead, this modern-day feminist will show you otherwise.

Kat Lazo found feminism online. Not in a gender studies class or a lecture hall but through the works of online activists and bloggers. Her talk “Feminism Isn’t Dead, Its Gone Viral” explores how feminists are not only alive and well but how they’re using the Internets accessibility to create social change.

About Kat


Kat Lazo studied advertising and marketing communication at the Fashion Institute of Technology; her studies validated her belief that the media sends messages hurtful to the development of girls and women. She started her own YouTube Channel: TheeKatsMeoww to help young people question the media and social norms. She works as a project leader for UbyKotex’s Generation Know campaign, is a contributing writer for Everyday Feminism. and a graduate of the Progressive Girls Voices program by Gloria Steinem’s non-profit; Women’s Media Center.


Post event: Kat’s TEDx Talk Experience