Robert Lucky

Talk: “Innovation and New Jersey — Storied Past and Uncertain Future””

Monmouth County has been well known for its contributions to communications through the past decades.  With the loss of Bell Labs and the closing of Fort Monmouth, about 20,000 technical jobs have been lost in the county.  How did this happen, and what are the prospects for future innovation and entrepreneurship?

About Robert:

Robert LuckyRobert Lucky is an engineer known worldwide for his writing and speaking about technology and society. He has led premier research laboratories in telecommunications over the last several decades, first at Bell Labs and then at Telcordia Technologies, where he was corporate vice president, applied research. After retiring from that position he has remained active in professional activities, including advisory boards, studies, and consulting.

He has been active throughout his career in professional, academic, and government roles. He received his doctorate in electrical engineering from Purdue University, has since been honored with four honorary doctorates, and has received a number of major awards, including the prestigious Marconi Prize and the IEEE Edison Medal. He has been elected a fellow of the IEEE and to membership in the National Academy of Engineering, and to both the American and European Academies of Arts and Sciences.