Expert Open’s TEDxNavesink 2015

Apply to Speak at TEDxNavesink Accelerators


TEDxNavesink: Accelarators will take place at Monmouth University in West Long Branch, NJ on Saturday April 11, 2015.

This event is dedicated to exploring  how Accelerators are creating game-changing innovation and cutting edge thought.

Accelerators are: Catalysts. Change makers. Inflection points. Pivotal moments.

We’ll explore how Accelerators and Accelerations provide the fuel for which ideas and products are evolved or created, poking holes in knowledge and memes in a memorable way. We seek to uncover the why and how of phenomena that transition from steady state to rapid growth. 

Do you have what it takes to speak for 4-18 minutes? We’re looking for unique voices with insights from a wide range of disciplines, including existing and emerging technology, culture, politics, sustainability, design, education, medicine, science and government, to name a few.

When TED was conducting a global talent search for its most recent conference, it compiled the following list that perfectly captures the kind of voices we’re looking for. Which one are you?

  • The Inventor… sharing an innovation with world-changing potential
  • The Teacher … sharing valuable knowledge in a memorable way to teenagers or adults
  • The Prodigy … young talent ready to break out
  • The Artist … who can showcase their work in a compelling, new way (Don’t just talk about it. Show us your work!)
  • The Performer … music, dance, comedy, drama … or something entirely different
  • The Sage … wisdom the world needs from those who have learned it the hard way
  • The Enthusiast … with an infectious passion about a topic they can share
  • The Change Agent … helping shape the world’s future with work that matters
  • The Storyteller… vivid, original, meaningful … with a talent for connection
  • The Spark … with a powerful idea worth spreading

How to apply: To be considered as a possible speaker, you must complete the below.

Note, application deadline is 11/20/2014.

Learn more about the team behind TEDxNavesink here