Jeff Davis Teaches His Students How to Fight Stage Fright and Engage Their Audiences

Have you ever watched a speaker - a colleague giving a powerful presentation, a former college professor teaching your favorite class, a pastor delivering an empowering sermon - and only been able to sit back in your chair and think, “Wow” ? Have you ever wished you could captivate an audience like that?

Jeff Davis, of Speak Clear Communications, guarantees that you can, with the aid of his upcoming Presentation Skills classes.

Davis is a speech coach based in New York and New Jersey who has been working to help individuals find their own voice to speak and empower with for nearly 10 years.  Before creating Speak Clear Communications, Davis worked as an adjunct lecturer at Bronx Community College of City University and St. John’s University.  His Master of Fine Arts in Performance degree from Rutgers University has led him to professional experience teaching articulation for business, English articulation and fluency, and public speaking.   His advice, to incorporate the concept of P.L.A.Y. into any speech, has helped countless individuals in their daily and professional endeavors.

The courses will run on Wednesdays from May 28 to June 18, 7:30 - 9:00 p.m..  Lessons will include coping with stage fright, preparing and rehearsing presentations, effectively using non-verbal communication, effectively using a full vocal register and avoiding vocal tics, engaging your audience, and maintaining attention.  The package only costs $99 and all classes will be held at Building One, 331 Newman Springs Road, 4th Floor, Suite 143, Red Bank, NJ.

Davis is the official speaking coach of TEDxNavesink, and you’ll be able to see his work in action at the the 2014 event, PLAY .

To read more about Davis’s theory of P.L.A.Y., visit TEDxNavesink, Speaking in 4 Easy Steps: P.L.A.Y. To learn more and register for Davis’s classes, visit