Ready for TEDxNavesink 2016? We are, and we’re already planning another mind-blowing event called MAKERS on April 9. 

MAKERS will explore the essence of creation. We’re all makers. We make dinner. We make a living, and we’re homemakers. We make war, we make up, we make out, we make love, we make babies. We make choices. And sometimes we choose to make a difference: We’re revolutionaries who only see malleable things to be hacked, deconstructed and reconstructed into better things. We have wheels-on-luggage epiphanies, pitch the crowd for money and make the next big thing. We make the lame walk, the deaf hear, the blind see. We make robots to make things for us. We make software that itself learns to make things. We make things up — to make art, music, novels, movies. We’re in a revolution of making so vast we don’t notice it. Manufacturing has moved into our garages and living rooms. Do it yourself is an industry. Meet 30 makers. Life is what you make it. Make your mark.

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