Camelot - Thursday night, December 4th, 2014

A Salon at Two River Theater for the audience of TEDxNavesink.


Amid all the shopping, cold, and holiday rush, take some time to do something you actually enjoy. The Navesink, producers of TEDxNavesink, are pleased and proud to again partner with Two River Theater in Red Bank to present a night of people worth meeting and conversations worth having.

Thursday night, December 4th

Salon Opens at 6:30pm
Talks, food and drink until the curtain at 8:00 pm

$50 Tickets for the whole evening - use discount code “CAMELOTX”
$30 Tickets available for students and those under 30 - use discount code “CAMELOTSTU”
Tickets are going fast


While you mingle, you’ll enjoy:

Joe Rapolla

is the Chair of the Music & Theater Arts Department and Music Industry Program Director at Monmouth University, he will give a talk titled:

A Long Long Time Ago…The 60s and the ‘teens - 50 years apart

Music, music culture and technology have evolved since the days of Camelot’s debut on Broadway.  What’s different, what’s the same, what’s happened to the music and the music industry? Accompanying himself on guitar, Joe will discuss how these changes have reshaped the way we create, discover, distribute and listen to music.

Kenneth Campbell, PhD.

is a history professor at Monmouth University and a specialist in english history.  His most recent book is Ireland’s History: Prehistory to the Present.  At the Salon he will give a talk titled:

The Arthurian Legend and the Decline of Chivalry

The mythical King Arthur is more important than the historical figure on which he is based (if he existed at all).  Campbell will discuss the ways in which the Arthurian legend has changed throughout history to reflect the different times in which the tales were written, from Geoffrey of Monmouth and Chretien de Troyes in the 12th century to Marion Zimmer Bradley in the 20th.  What is the enduring appeal of Camelot and what does it still mean to us?