Export Nat Gas off Sandy Hook?

Truth is often stranger than fiction. That’s at the core of TED talks and TEDx events. Ever since we started planning TEDxNavesink: The Next Wave which is about the next generation of shore life, we uncover stranger and sometimes unbelievable stories.

Port Ambrose, the planned Natural Gas Exports terminal a few miles off Sandy Hook is the latest discovery. Once you learn more about it, you might take advantage of the opportunity to (a) comment about it to regulators (takes 1 minute)  or (b) sign Surfriders’ petition or (c) Read Clean Ocean Action’s 1 page fact sheet. 

Clean Ocean Action, specifically TEDxNavesink speakers Sean Dixon and Cindy Zipf, woke us up to the story of the LIQUID NATURAL GAS Export Terminal being planned for a few miles off Sandy Hook and Jones Beach. This project was stopped three years ago by New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie — both a realist and a mensch — who vetoed the supporting legislation. Now the project has returned with a powerful lobby.

From Clean Ocean Action‘s statement: “HOW do Port Ambrose and natural gas exports affect me?

“Among the environmental impacts, the port would discharge 3.5 million gallons of chemically-treated seawater used for pipe
tests, generate significant underwater noise pollution, and dredge up over 20 miles of seafloor. Economically, LNG exports,
according to government projections, will drive up costs of manufacturing and electricity and increase the intensity of
hydrofracking for shale gas expansion – leading to even more pollution impacts. Port Ambrose will affect all clean ocean uses:
fisheries, diving, recreation, tourism, and boating, as well as shipping, planned offshore wind facilities and even air traffic.”

You have to wonder: At the heart of the most populous and economically vital region in the country, just a few miles from Sandy Hook and Wall Street, a liquid natural gas factory would be built serving ships the size of the Empire State Building? The site would be placed directly in the zone where a renewable energy wind farm is planned. An accident following another storm like Sandy could shut down New York City and endanger the entire region. It’s also important to consider whether LNG exports will encourage rampant fracking in our home soils or potentially raise energy prices at home. When fully operational this LNG port will employ just six people.

You see, the truth is stranger, more interesting, and astounding than fiction. So we hope that thoughtful ocean stewardship will help inform our audience at TEDxNavesink. Port Ambrose is just one tiny story of many amazing stories to unfold.

Since the hearing was this week and the petition is live now, we felt  our audience might like to learn about this issue and be invited to comment to regulators here. Or here. Or sign the petition here.


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