Mike Rayburn Uses Humor, Music to Find Untapped Potential

What if you could play guitar, make 4,000 people laugh hysterically, and deliver a message that will help individuals and companies realize their untapped potential?

Mike Rayburn is a pro at just this! And with his ideology for achieving success, he believes that you can achieve much more than you think.

Originally from Virginia, Mike has used his masterful grasp of the guitar and his unrelenting wit to transcend the restrictions of what is possible. Now, he travels around the world, helping people and organizations adopt his strategy for success and, in turn, become accelerators in their own lives.

Mike’s comedic, thought-provoking presentations focus on the untapped potential that exists in everyone. He believes that people are a gold mine for opportunities, they just need the right tools to access them.

These tools, which Mike uses music and comedy to illustrate, will change the way you look at a problem, as well as the path you choose to solve it. This path begins with attempting to fix a problem by finding a solution that no one has found before. These tools can help you to be an accelerator in everything you do.

His message focuses on facing your fears, setting goals to help push yourself forward, and accelerating your success. His concept of the “What if…” experience teaches you to combat fears and realize the possibilities you are hiding from. Then, according to Mike, you have to set IMPOSSIBLE goals; forcing yourself to rise to the occasion and realize a dream you never knew you had. Finally, to solidify your success, you have to become a virtuoso: do what it takes for you to be the best at whatever it is you do. He swears by these tools, guaranteeing that if you follow through with this strategy, your work and life will continue to accelerate.

Being an accelerator is what Mike does best, and he shares his philosophy in presentations, comedy, music, and books. From his humble start, playing guitar at colleges and bars, Mike has pushed himself to become the best he can be. Now, with a headlining show at Carnegie Hall under his belt, as well as appearances in magazines such as Newsweek and Billboard, Mike is coming to TEDxNavesink 2015: Accelerators to deliver his message of upgrading your productivity and breaking out of the norm with his talk titled “Become a Virtuoso.”

Tickets are going fast! Reserve your seat at TEDxNavesink today by clicking here.

Nick Landolfi is a sophomore Communications Studies major at The College of New Jersey, specializing in Public and Mass communication. He is currently the Assistant Music Director at 91.3FM WTSR at TCNJ, from Tinton Falls, NJ.

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