Recipe for a TEDx Experience

What does crafting a TEDx line-up and a great chili have in common? For both you need a killer recipe, the best ingredients, plenty of good spices, a secret ingredient or two, and slow cooking to let the flavors blend. If the speakers and entertainers are the key ingredients for a TEDx conference, then deciding […]

Why YOU Are The Ideal TEDxNavesink Attendee

You — yes, you! — are the ideal TEDxNavesink attendee. You’re probably wondering how I know this when I don’t even know who you are, so allow me to explain. You may have seen a link to this article in an email or through social media. Maybe a friend or colleague shared it directly with you, knowing […]

Retreats Accelerate Arrival: Slow Down Enough to Know Yourself

How could slowing down enough to trace your finger through water, waking to watch the sunrise or sitting to meditate in a new place actually cause faster activity, development and progress? I live at and operate Seven Arrows, a retreat center in Locust, NJ. Each year, several hundred people visit for a weekend away from […]

A TEDx By Any Other Name

“What’s in a name? That which we call a TEDx, by any other name would delve as deep.” Okay, so I’m no William Shakespeare. But the legendary English playwright perfectly captured the essence that what a thing is, is far more important than what it is called. TEDxNavesink’s vision for creating a collaborative community of […]

Brian Reynolds Is Up For the Climate Change Challenge

Brian Reynolds likes a challenge. He’s always felt that he needed to solve difficult problems. What better (and tougher) cause to try to make a dent in than climate change? This was a departure for him. Brian’s family background was in manufacturing but he chose to go a different route—sustainable energy. It allowed him to […]

Exploring ‘Pornland’ with Dr. Gail Dines

Pornland. Sounds like an amusement park rated for mature audiences with very adult rides, right? (Sex sells, after all.) Nope. Pornland is the main title of a book translated into four languages, recently turned into a short documentary film that was released in the autumn of 2014. The author is one of the speakers at […]

7 Science-Based Tips for Valentine’s Day from Dr. Gary Lewandowski

People’s opinions about Valentine’s Day run the spectrum from it being an arbitrary “Hallmark Holiday” to it being a special day that allows you to celebrate your relationship and your partner. Regardless of what you think about Valentine’s Day, celebrating it is practically unavoidable. To help you better navigate this February 14, here are some […]

Procrastination—Deceleration at its Finest

If there was a competition for procrastination, I would take first place, hands down. I put most things off until the last possible minute, like the time I started a six-page paper an hour and a half before it was due. Luckily for me, I didn’t buckle under the pressure. I handed in the paper […]

Lois Holzman Lives What She Teaches About Play

Lois Holzman doesn’t just talk about play—she lives it. From her work as Director of the East Side Institute for Group & Short Term Psychotherapy, organizer of an international movement of play and performance activists called Performing the World, her experience as a TEDxNavesink speaker, her new book project—and even pet ownership—it is evident that […]

Linda Ambis is Promoting Healthy Living in Monmouth County

A shy girl learns to break out of her shell and make new friends. Parents exercise daily trying to set healthy examples for their children. Cancer survivors regain strength and work to get back into everyday life. These are just some of the reasons Linda Ambis loves working at the Community YMCA. Linda is the […]