Test your TEDxNavesink Knowledge!

TEDxNavesink 2015: Accelerators is tomorrow. Do you know everything about our speakers? Test your knowledge and brush up before the big event! Which TEDxNavesink speaker is a contributor to Scientific American and NOVA, and works with The Large Hadron Collider, the highest energy particle accelerator in the world? Who studies the science of relationships and […]

2015 TEDxNavesink Speakers’ Favorite TED Talks

TEDxNavesink is just two days away! To get you excited for the speaker lineup, we compiled a list of some of this year’s speakers’ favorite and most memorable TED Talks. Chris Welty and Lora Aroyo Kary Mullis – Play! Experiment! Discover! https://www.ted.com/talks/kary_mullis_on_what_scientists_do?language=en Mae Jemison – Teach Arts and Sciences Together http://www.ted.com/talks/mae_jemison_on_teaching_arts_and_sciences_together?language=en   Nadya Zhexembayeva Sir […]

TEDxNavesink 2015: Know Before You Go!

It’s Wednesday and your week might be dragging. But cheer up and get excited because TEDxNavesink: 2015 Accelerators is happening this Saturday! This may be the first TEDx event you are attending or maybe the second or third. Either way, you’ll want to make sure this is your best TEDx event yet. What do you […]

How I Accelerated My Life… To New Jersey

My life recently took off; accelerated if you will. It accelerated all the way from Missouri to New Jersey. Two very different states to say the least. New Jersey and I are friends now. But we didn’t start off so chummy. The Garden State and I had a bit of a rocky start. Things move […]

Lou Kerner Knows Acceleration is the Key to Success

Lou Kerner knew the times were changing. He knew the days of the old Internet were going to be rapidly shifting, and he knew he needed to help the world of Wall Street adapt to this major transformation. So Lou became Wall Street’s first social media analyst. He worked for Wedbush Securities where he was […]

Mike Rayburn Uses Humor, Music to Find Untapped Potential

What if you could play guitar, make 4,000 people laugh hysterically, and deliver a message that will help individuals and companies realize their untapped potential? Mike Rayburn is a pro at just this! And with his ideology for achieving success, he believes that you can achieve much more than you think. Originally from Virginia, Mike […]

Philip Murphy Wants to Accelerate New Jersey’s Middleclass

Imagine moving more than 3,000 miles away from home to live in a different country and learning to make a new place feel like home. For some, this might be an exhilarating thought. But for others, it may seem nerve wracking. For Philip Murphy and his family, this wasn’t just a thought, it was an […]

No Foolin’: Vinnie Brand Knows How to get People Laughing

Funny man Vinnie Brand started his career by opening up a flower shop. But the life of a florist wasn’t cutting it for Vinnie. Maybe it was the painstaking task of creating floral arrangements. Or maybe it was the pollen. (We promise we’re not playing an April Fool’s joke on you!) One thing was clear; […]

Sarah Krüg wants to hear you ROAR

Sarah Krüg wants to hear your voice. She wants to see you be a champion. She wants to hear you ROAR. And she wants you to do this for your health. Sarah is a self-described patient advocate, researcher and health innovator, but her passion for her career stems from something very personal. “I lost both […]

Annika Lorienne & Ravind Kumar Empower Global ‘Connective Listening’

“You’re listening to Sonic Stir Fry with Jen on WMCX ‘The X’ 88.9 FM: ‘New Jersey’s Home for Modern Rock with an Edge.’ Flag me @SonicStirFry on RadioFlag to request a song or just to say hi, comment, and provide any news tips.” Ah… Those words, frequently repeated in various combinations, along with others bring […]