Local Makers Invited to Bring Their Ideas and Products to Life During TEDxNavesink ConferenceTEDxNavesink Makers Gallery

Are you a maker? Do you tinker and create with technology, bring your ideas to life with new inventions, create beautiful jewelry or furniture by hand, or make a difference in your community with outside the box thinking and programs? If so, then TEDxNavesink wants to showcase you and what you do. The TEDxNavesink 2016 […]

8-Year-Old Proves Business Can Be Child’s PlayMoMax Enterprizes founder Maxwell Lafrank makes all-natural lip balm and hand sanitizer

Maxwell Lanfrank is like most 8-year-old boys at the Jersey Shore: he loves the outdoors, he plays Pop Warner football, he goes fishing with his dad, and he’s a bit curious. But unlike most of his peers, Maxwell spends a portion of his weekends in a lab (well, actually a kitchen posing as a lab) […]

Therapy Dogs: Making a Difference One Tail Wag and Kiss at a Time

A dog is man’s best friend. Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows the benefits they can provide. Dogs make you smile, laugh, cry, love, and provide you with companionship. But did you know they can also be therapists? Therapy dogs provide affection and comfort to people in hospitals, schools, retirement or nursing homes, […]

Making a Difference, One Grilled Cheese at a TimeFeel Good TEDxNavesink

Billions of people around the world are living in extreme poverty, with barely enough food to stay alive and no place to call home. While poverty is a vastly complex problem, FeelGood is an organization that plans to eradicate extreme poverty by the year 2030 with grilled cheese sandwiches. That’s right: they are using something […]