TEDxNavesink attracts over 50 volunteers, 30 speakers, and area schools - Tix On Sale Now

TEDxNavesink Tickets are now on sale with an early bird price of $35 and $22 for students. TEDxNavesink will focus on the future of the shore, as envisioned by leading scientists, ocean activists, gardeners, entrepreneurs, SEC witnesses, innovators, professors, artists, hipsters, and, yup, by Madame Marie.  And as discussed by all of you - our audience.  Reserve your ticket by clicking on the banner.

A day at TEDxNavesink will be like a month of college.

About our future. I grew up in a house on Waterman Avenue that would flood every winter. Our house was built on a slab and we would lift all the furniture upstairs and hose the house down. Spring flood meant a really good spring cleaning!  I’d get a call at school “Brian, you have to come home to move the furniture.” Later in high school, when a spring tide would surround the house it was sometimes an excuse to stay out with friends. In different floods, I can remember paddling round the block, and rolling up our pants to wade home.

In 1984 I was on a bus reading the New York Times. I was playing a bit role in “The Pope of Greenwich Village” and we were heading from NYC to Monmouth Race Track. Buried in Section 1 was an article that outlined the sea rise to come if global warming models held true.  I thought of our old house on Waterman Avenue, of Sea Bright, the Hook, and LBI, and I wondered when the water would overtake our neighborhoods.

Thirty years later, we witness the unthinkable. And yet it wakes us up, like the cool salt water under our rolled up pants. Wading home, we know we’ll figure it out and make it work. But it will take a new kind of resilience and resourcefulness. We need to work together and to innovate.

TEDxNavesink is an opportunity to begin the discussion - on an annual basis - about ideas worth spreading on our future on the shore. I hope you will join us. A core group of a dozen organizers, forty volunteers, and 20 carefully selected brilliant minds giving the “talks of their lives”. All about the future of the Shore. And, yes, one seer.