Justin Kamine: More Than Food Waste

For Justin Kamine, co-founder and partner of KDC Agribusiness (Ag), he can look to his father for inspiration. Harold (Hal) Kamine is a serial entrepreneur, and Justin grew up with the mindset of continually trying to find new ideas and opportunities in which he could get involved. “My family and I take the approach for […]

Garden State Takes its Farms Indoorsvertical farms

New Jersey has the second-highest urban population percentage in the U.S with 94.7% of residents living in an urban area. Despite being the Garden State, New Jersey’s mostly urban environment limits access for local farm-to-table produce. However, accessibility is increasing with the rise of vertical farming, the practice of growing crops in vertical stacked layers […]

John Denniston Wants to Revamp Farming in Developing Countries

John Denniston and his wife were worried about their daughters. Looking around at the area where they lived in Silicon Valley, the parents of two realized the girls would grow up around many teenagers who would be driving fancy cars and leading lives of privilege. “We became very concerned about their ability to have perspective […]

Should we save the orange with GMOs?

Oranges will almost certainly go extinct without human intervention so genetic modification may be necessary. If consumers are willing to accept GMOs through their unseen risks, should they be developed?

The State of the Garden

Fresh food in the Garden State goes beyond agribusiness. You will find people from all walks of life, in urban, suburban and coastal areas proudly growing their own food. An increasing number of schools are incorporating garden-based learning into nearly every subject to enhance the appreciation of the natural world. These are incredibly important trends, yet too many people turn to fast food and cheap, processed food for nearly every meal.