Joe Iconis Brings His Witty Musical Style to TEDxNavesink

Writer Joe Iconis is bringing his hairy style to TEDxNavesink. Literally, he says. “I think I’m hairier than most men. I’m a full-blown Italian and we are a notoriously hairy people, but I think, even in the realm of hairy Italians, I’m up there. So I’m bringing that to TEDxNavesink.” And that’s not all he’s […]

Recipe for a TEDx Experience

What does crafting a TEDx line-up and a great chili have in common? For both you need a killer recipe, the best ingredients, plenty of good spices, a secret ingredient or two, and slow cooking to let the flavors blend. If the speakers and entertainers are the key ingredients for a TEDx conference, then deciding […]

Joe Iconis Collides Rock and Musical Theater at TEDxNavesinkWhat do you get when you mix rock with musical theater? The productions of Joe Iconis.

If you find the term “musical theater” conjuring up nothing but images of red-haired little girls and poodle skirts, you’ve probably never attended a Joe Iconis production. A resident of Manhattan, Iconis is a musical theater writer whose shows live on cabaret stages throughout New York City. He performs regularly with a group theater artists […]